For decades, GEOS has been one of the premier institutions for people learning French and English as a second language.  We can really help you learn to speak English and French.   GEOS offers more variety in a day of classes with guaranteed extra time on speaking and listening!

Adult Programs - GEOS Languages PLUS

Learning English or French can be more than classes!  Choose an exciting global destination for your language course or summer program! GEOS Languages PLUS offers juniors opportunity for ESL or FSL in North America or Europe while enjoying fun summer and holiday activities and local tours.

Junior Programs - GEOS Languages PLUS

GEOS has been a leader in test preparation classes for decades! Students interested in pursuing an education at an English speaking university or college that requires passable test scores, will find the IELTS Preparation course very helpful. 

Ten North American Locations - and worldwide destinations!  Boston, Orange County, Los Angeles, New York, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Malta, London, Devon, Brighton, Paris, Frankfurt, Shanghai.                                                                                                                            

Not just a job - get some Canadian work experience for your future! Study and work in Canada with GEOS Language Plus' Momentum Program. Improve your English skills, while gaining valuable workplace experience!                                                                                                                                        

Work and Internship Programs - GEOS Languages PLUS

SC-GEOS has decades of experience and we have helped thousands of international students reach their educational goals. For most students now, English language courses are just the beginning of the voyage! Click to learn much more about our Pathways!

University Pathways Program - GEOS Languages PLUS



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Our courses in the U.S.A have been accredited by ACCET. Our language programs in Canada have been approved by Languages Canada.  Our courses in the U.K have been evaluated and accredited by the British Council.  Our programs in Malta have been accepted by Feltom.