Experience your dream vacation while you learn English or French at a GEOS Languages PLUS location in North America or Europe. Our large assortment of language course options and destinations makes finding a program that suits your needs quick and easy.

Adult Programs - GEOS Languages PLUS

GEOS Languages PLUS is dedicated to leading students towards a better future by helping them achieve academic success. We have built relationships with colleges & universities around the world with the goal of providing our students access to the best possible education.  Many of our partners offer direct enrollment without TOEFL or IELTS!

University Pathways Program - GEOS Languages PLUS

GEOS Languages PLUS allows young students to build their dream study abroad program by choosing what they want to learn and where they want to learn it! Juniors can choose from a wide variety of language courses and summer camps throughout North America and Europe.

Junior Programs - GEOS Languages PLUS

For Working Holiday Visa Holders, selected GEOS Languages PLUS locations are helping students improve English fluency, while providing essential workplace skills. With the Momentum Program, you'll gain an advantage over your competition by gaining international references for your CV/Resume, workplace contacts and everlasting business skills. 

Work and Internship Programs - GEOS Languages PLUS

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Our courses in the U.S.A have been accredited by ACCET. Our language programs in Canada have been approved by Languages Canada.  Our courses in the U.K have been evaluated and accredited by the British Council.  Our programs in Malta have been accepted by Feltom.